Monday, May 16, 2022
In BriefSturgeon hits out at New Statesman cover illustration

Sturgeon hits out at New Statesman cover illustration

NICOLA Sturgeon has hit out the New Statesman magazine – calling their cover illustration of her “cringeworthy.”

This week’s cover touts an article on “The Motherhood Trap”, promising to investigate why so many successful woman are childless.

It features an illustration of Sturgeon, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Home Secretary Theresa May and Labour leader candidate Liz Kendall.

Sturgeon tweeted about the offended
Sturgeon tweeted about the cover


They are pictured standing around a crib containing a ballot box, suggesting they have sacrificed motherhood for political success.

But Sturgeon hit out at the cover in a tweet saying: “Jeezo…we appear to have woken up in 1965 this morning!”

Helen Lewis, the author of the piece replied, saying: “Would love to chat about this once you’ve read the piece!”

To which Sturgeon replied: “Of course. Article not available yet – my tweet is about the cringeworthy cover, not your writing.”

Other Twitter users have agreed with Sturgeon’s verdict, calling the cover illustration “undignified” and “outdated.”

One user, called “Hard-Working Carer” said: “It’s like a Ladybird book cover of “‘Why are these women not mummies?’”

But others have gone so far as to suggest that the cover of the left-wing magazine is sexist.

Fraya Jadzia posted, saying: “Funny how the new statesman doesn’t mention childless male leaders, almost as if sexism is still a thriving part of society.”

And Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson also weighed in, sharing the page with the caption: “Oh, do sod right off.”

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