Highland wheelchair man does an “Andy Pipkin”


THIS is the priceless moment the capital of the Highlands provided its answer to Little Britain’s Andy Pipkin.

A bemused onlooker caught a video of a disabled man in a heated altercation on Inverness high street on Tuesday.

But life imitated award-winning television comedy when the unnamed man leapt from his wheelchair, tore off his shirt, and squared up to the seated trio.


When police arrived on the scene, the man appeared to back off before continuing to berate the onlookers – forcing officers to drag him back to his chair.

The scenes are reminiscent of the Andy and Lou sketches from cult TV show Little Britain, where Andy, played by Matt Lucas, regularly leaves his wheelchair to perform acts of remarkable physical courage.

The video surfaced online on July 14, the same day the incident happened, with the title: “Standard day in Inverness!”

There are few clues to the grounds for the argument, as the video seems to begin in the midst of the incident.

It starts with the man appearing to speak to the three men before wheeling around agitatedly for a few seconds.

He then stands from his wheelchair, removing his shirt, before shouting and appearing to challenge the men – who do not appear to react.



He continues to act in an agitated manner until two police officers arrive on scene.

Having sat back down as the officers arrived, the man then stands up again before officers pull him back to his chair.

The man then continues to shout as the officers guide him away from the scene.

The video has already had over 47,000 views online, and sparked some heated comments.

The man who posted the video said: “Him and one of the guys on the bench were up arguing face to face, then he went and done wheelies for a bit then came back.”

Another viewer added: “Takes the f****** p***, I’m a full time wheelchair user and to me the guy is a total fake.”

Police Scotland confirmed they had attended the scene, with a spokesman adding: “The man was spoken to and calmed down – there was no further action taken.”