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In Brief"Immensely appreciated" Church official announces retirement

“Immensely appreciated” Church official announces retirement

AN “immensely appreciated” Church of Scotland official has announced her retirement.

Pauline Weibye, 62, has held the post of general secretary at the Church for six years.

She was appointed as the first person to manage the organisation’s 2,500 staff, and has helped coordinate the affairs of the Church.

Pauline Weibye will leave her post as general secretary
Pauline Weibye will leave her post as general secretary


She plans to leave her post at the next May’s General Assembly – and describes her time at the organisation as a “huge privilege”.

“This has been so much more than a job – it’s been a huge privilege to serve the Church in this way,” she said.

“I’ve had a unique insight into the lives of Christian folks up and down the land, doing their best in difficult times to live out the Gospel message.

“Challenging? Yes, sometimes, but all big organisations have their difficult moments. We manage to make a difference to people’s lives and that’s what keeps me and all of my colleagues going.

“I shall be retiring from the day job but fully expect to keep serving the Church at a local level.”

Rev Dr Grant Barclay, who is convener of the Church’s Council of Assembly, said Mrs Weibye has been instrumental in shaping the national Church into a smoother running and more coherent organisation.

He said:”Pauline has overseen the Church’s move towards a balanced budget, achieved much needed pensions reform and enabled a more strategic focus for the Church’s central work.

“She has exemplified leadership which is filled with faith and a deep desire to serve other people. Her contribution in this pioneering role has been immensely appreciated.”

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