Scots spend three hours in the bathroom each day, research reveals


SCOTS spend over three hours in the bathroom every day – according to new research.

An online bathroom retailer has discovered that people in Scotland spend a staggering three hours and five minutes in the bathroom – coming in second place in a nation-wide poll.

The team at quizzed 2,231 people over 18-years-old from around the UK, and London, Scotland and the South West topped the chart.

Scots spend an average of over three hours on the toilet per day
Scots spend an average of over three hours on the toilet per day


They also found that playing games, surfing the web and texting friends are the most common ways Brits keep themselves entertained on the loo.

According to the poll, 38% of respondents admit that at least half of their time spent in the bathroom is on their mobile phone, with a further 31% admitting that they regularly stall and waste time in the bathroom.

The total results are as follows:

1. London – 3 hours and 12 minutes (spent in the bathroom per day)
2. Scotland – 3 hours and 5 minutes
3. South West – 3 hours and 1 minute
4. West Midlands – 2 hour and 42 minutes
5. Wales – 2 hour and 40 minutes
6. South East – 2 hour and 33 minutes
7. North West – 2 hour and 30 minutes
8. Northern Ireland – 2 hour and 17 minutes
9. Yorkshire and the Humber – 1 hour and 59 minutes
10. East of England – 1 hour and 36 minutes
11. East Midlands – 1 hour and 48 minutes
12. North East – 1 hour and 11 minutes

Peter Gregg, Director of, commented on the results of the research: “It seems the days of reading a newspaper, magazine or book are long gone.

“We are truly living in the digital age, even when it comes to our bathroom habits.

“It’s all good and well to keep yourself occupied whilst sat on the toilet or led on the bath, but it can be a huge waste of the day – particularly when so many Britons admit that over half of their time in the bathroom is spent on their phones.

“Perhaps the fact that many respondents confessed to stalling to purposely waste time there suggests that we need to slow down our pace of life a little, so we aren’t in such need of an escape.”