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Real-world game turns spectators into heroes at Fringe

A STREET game coming to this year’s Fringe Festival will transform spectators into real-life heroes.

Teams of detectives will compete to unmask a criminal mastermind and save the city during the Citydash game.

Players will run around Edinburgh’s old town, cracking cryptic clues to locate Dr Spottletoe’s calling cards while keeping out of sight of his henchmen.

Players will run around Edinburgh's old town, solving clues as they go
Players will run around Edinburgh’s old town, solving clues as they go


With new clues popping up during the game and bonus points for the first team to find them, players will have to think on their feet.

Narrow, winding streets and the ever-present villains mean that savvy teams have a good chance against faster ones.

There will also be a live scoreboard and bonus prizes for “most spotted” and “most hilarious escape” create friendly competition at all levels.

Citydash builds on the global escape-room craze that has recently reached Edinburgh, enhancing the high-energy team challenge with a richer cast of characters and a huge game world.

With over three thousand past players in nine cities, it has a five-star rating on review site Tripadvisor and a loyal following, with many teams returning to try out new tactics.

Citydash has appeared at the Adelaide Fringe, Come Out And Play in San Francisco, and Playpublik in Berlin.

It will feature at the Melbourne Fringe, as well as regular events in London. Based in London, Fire Hazard have been creating high-energy escapades for everyone since 2008.
“It’ll be like you’re living in an N64” – Time Out
“It really is great fun, a different way of spending your Saturday night” – Tom Bristow, Men’s Running magazine
“A small-scale Amazing Race” – Amelia Broadstock, The Advertiser (Adelaide)

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