Wednesday, August 17, 2022
In BriefGlasgow is the gambling capital of Europe

Glasgow is the gambling capital of Europe

A new survey has found that Glasgow is the gambling capital of Europe.

In total 2,400 gamblers within 12 European nations were questioned about their gambling habits.

The findings revealed that one in five Scottish males are playing Roulette online along with fixed odd terminals.


Image by by Ralf Roletschek


Gamblers in Glasgow bet £200m per year on bookies’ fixed odd roulette and slot machines.

The survey, commissioned by Roulette, shows gamblers from Scotland lost an average of £1,683 each last year through fixed odd terminals.

Adrian Parkinson, Fairer Gambling Campaign Spokesman, said: “The addictive nature of FOBTs and roulette in particular, combined with their high speed of play and £100 spin capacity means players incur huge losses very fast.

“Each year, new players are introduced to fixed odds betting terminals and replacing last year’s losers.

“Some players lose everything including car, job, family and even their freedom.”

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