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Limmy finds hilarious doppelganger

SCOTS comedian Limmy has found an astonishing lookalike – in the form of a fan who bought his new book.

The Glasgow-born funnyman released his first novel today, titled Daft Wee Stories, which features half of his face on the front cover.

A fan, who goes by the name of ‘Necro Deathmort’ on Twitter, uploaded a snap holding the £14.99 book up to his face.

And the result is eerie.

The man's face is almost a perfect mirror image of the front cover
The man’s face is almost a perfect mirror image of the front cover


The man, who appears to be one-half of a London-based music duo, has an almost perfect mirror-image of Limmy’s face.

From the stubble on his chin, to the colour of his eyes, to his hair and even his grin, he appears to be an exact doppelganger.

He captioned the picture: “F*** I look like Limmy” before the comedian shared it with his 155,000 followers.

One fan described the resemblance as “scary”, while another pointed out that the man looked like Limmy but with “yellow teeth”.

However, another follower stood up for the doppelganger and said: “Limmy sets unrealistic targets for teeth whiteness, don’t listen mate.”

Limmy’s new novel is a collection of short stories written in his own outrageous style.

The book covers a range of taboo subjects, including tragic accidents or acts of savage violence.

One fan sent Limmy a photograph of his young daughter holding the novel, to which the comedian replied: “DON’T LET HER READ IT.”

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