Tuesday, August 16, 2022
In Brief"Average" cat at rescue centre fails to win hearts

“Average” cat at rescue centre fails to win hearts

UPDATE: Mischief has now been rehomed.


SHE is utterly average in every way.

Meet Mischief, a 7-year old tabby at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. She is quiet, polite, and does not shred the furniture.


Mischief – “just ordinary”



She remains obediently in her cage, and does not miaow loudly, attack other cats, or bite the hands that feed her.



Passed over- Mischief has waited over six months for a home.


But she has been passed over by potential families every day for the past six months, and staff think the problem is that she just does not stand out.


A spokeswoman for Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home said: “She just stays in her pen a lot, she’s just really sad.


“A lot of people come in and they just want kittens, or they want something really exotic. She’s just really normal and ordinary.  She must have been looked after by someone at some point.



Staff cannot understand why Mischief, who seems to have been well-looked after previously, was handed over as a stray.


“She doesn’t do anything when people pass by. She just stays in her pen and you have to spend a lot of time with her to get to know her.


“Normally cats get re-homed within a couple of weeks. But she’s been here six months.


“People just carry on and pass her by. She’s definitely depressed. ”


The bald patches seen on Mischief’s fur are from recent blood tests taken to see why she was so quiet, but vets concluded that she was just depressed by her lonely life in the shelter.


She has a slight heart murmur which does not require supervision or medication.


Mischief has been available since 2nd February this year. Anyone who can help give her a home should contact Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.



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