Sarra Hoy tweets mousse disaster pic


CHRIS Hoy’s wife has found herself in a sticky situation after a bottle of hair mousse exploded inside her case.

Sarra, who married the Olympic cyclist in 2010, shared a picture on Twitter of the disaster.

The snap, captioned ‘That’s another fine mousse you got me into’, shows her wash bag completely overcome by foam.




The case, which holds hair styling tools, tanning spray and razors, is completely full of white hair mousse which has leaked from a bottle.

It appears to come from a black Umberto Giannini bottle which can be seen with the lid off.

Luckily Sarra, who gave birth to son Callum in December last year, saw the funny side.

When a fan asked her if it really was her case, she replied: “Sadly, all mine. #dumbo”

She later joked that she had a “firm hold” of the situation, and shared a picture of Ross from the TV show ‘Friends’ captioned with ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?”

She also added that the foam “reminded her of Angel Delight” – a popular whipped dessert.

Sir Chris also found the situation entertaining, and retweeted his wife’s predicament.

The ‘Friends’ link refers to an episode where Ross returns from holiday to find his shampoo and moisturizer has exploded in his suitcase.

He doesn’t deal with the situation very well, and screams “Why, why me?” in despair.