Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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GALLERY: Pet selfies

PETS across the globe are getting in on the selfie phenomenon.


Looking ruff (sorry)


Curious cats, dopey dogs and even ham-fisted hamsters are snapping themselves on their owners’ mobiles – with hilarious results.


The pictures, which include a close-up of a one-eyed cat, all were produced when clumsy pets stood on their owners’ phones or iPads.




The results are varied – some pictures show cats looking down into the camera with their chin appearing extremely enlarged, and in others a dog’s nose takes up most of the photo.


Cats – just as vain as anyone else.




Howlong can you hold this pose? (sorry)



In one snap, a cat can be seen standing on a selfie stick, which in turn took its picture as it looked innocently on.




No clue: this cat seemed unaware that it would soon have it’s visage posted online in a post-post-modernist style of shot taken using a post.


In another only half a dog’s head can be seen with its eyes lit up – a result of the flash from a camera.


Howlo? (sorry)



A hamster even managed to capture a blurry selfie as it stood on a phone.


Rats: this cheeky critter was caught trying out it’s owner’s camera for a self portrait.


The pictures come from around the world, from Glasgow to Pennsylvania in the US.

Captions with the snaps show that owners found the pictures highly amusing.


You OK? This ginger puss shows how it might look if your cat was a LOT bigger than you. Or if it had woken you up after you fainted.



One girl, Lucee, wrote: “My dog stood on my phone and took a selfie. I’m dying.”

Another Twitter user, Sophie Ramsay, said: “Now my one-eyed cat has stood on my phone and taken a selfie.”

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, usually taken with a digital camera or phone at arm’s length.

They are made to appeal flattering and casual, and in recent years have become a social media craze.

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