Tram chiefs apologise after dwarf comedian refused on board


TRAM chiefs have apologised to a dwarf comedian from the US after she was refused on board with her disability scooter.

Tanyalee Davis, who was performing at the Edinburgh Festival and has appeared on The John Bishop Show and The Last Leg, was trying to get to the airport to begin her journey home.

Both Lothian Buses and the Edinburgh Trams refused to let her travel with her scooter so she was forced to shell out at least £25 for a cab.

Tanyalee and her disability scooter during the Edinburgh Festival

After Tanylee, 44, bitterly complained on social media, tram chiefs apologised and admitted they were about to trial allowing scooters on board.

The comedian – who describes herself as “the Ferrari of comedy: low to the ground and kind of racy” – was appearing in her own Edinburgh show called Actual Size.

Edinburgh festival show - Actual Size
Edinburgh festival show – Actual Size

After being refused on public transport she tweeted: “No mobility scooters allowed on Edinburgh tram so forced to take Airlink bus to airport. Now refused to board the bus. Lothian Buses SUCK.”.

She added: “There is a tram and buses to the Edinburgh airport but I’m told because of my mobility scooter that I must pay for a taxi. BS Lothian Buses.

“They ARE accessible but they DON’T allow mobility scooters.

“They don’t consider mobility scooters wheelchairs so I get discriminated against a lot in the UK.”

Tanyalee Davis ended up having to use an Airlink bus

The comedian’s dilemma caused a stir on the social media site, with the public expressing disbelief at the treatment of the 44-year-old.

Amy Warrington wrote: “Oh my god that’s terrible. That shouldn’t be allowed to happen, have they heard of disability discrimination? Just awful!”

Derek Mitchell added: “That’s just not acceptable. I can see an improve fringe show on a tram next year.”

Edinburgh Trams responded to the comedian’s complaints on Twitter by suggesting they are looking into the problem, while Lothian Buses apologised.

Edinburgh Trams said on Twitter: “Hi Tanyalee, sorry this doesn’t help your current journey but we are currently preparing to trial mobility scooters on board.”

Lothian buses replied saying: “I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. For a full response into our reasons behind the decision please contact our customer service team.”