Scots warned using saltire sticker on their licence could be illegal


NATIONALISTS who replace the Union Jack on their driving licences with a Saltire have been warned they could be driving illegally.

Since July all newly issued driving licences have featured a tiny Union flag alongside the flag of the European Union.

The government said the change was intended to allow drivers to “fly the flag with pride” in a move that “strengthens the UK’s sense of national unity.”

Many nationalist Scots have taken issue with the change – some even going as far as cutting the icon from their card.

One customer showing off their altered licence


And a Scots firm is selling tiny Saltire stickers specifically designed to cover the flag of the UK.

But government officials have warned that those taking card design into their own hands could risk losing the right to drive.

A spokesman for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) said: “It could be difficult to prove that they have the entitlement to drive to authorities and employers.”

He also warned that those altering their licences could be asked to replace it – at their own cost – and “to replace a defaced licence a fee would be charged”.

The government announced the decision to include a Union Jack flag on all new licences at the end of 2014.

The change came into effect on July 6 this year, with Transport Minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon saying he was “delighted to see it featured.”

He added: “Our flag is recognised and respected around the world and is something which British people take pride in.”

But since the new design made its way into the hands of Scots there has been a host of outrage online – with many unaware that their new licences would feature the flag.

In the past month Thomas Barbour from Glasgow took to social media to complain: “Got a new driving licence because I changed my address and it has a f****ng union jack on it. I didn’t vote for that.”

The product for sale online
The product for sale online


Carla Forrest, from Aberdeen, added: “Just renewed my driving licence as my address changed. Now I have the eyesore of the Union Jack on it. There should be an opt out.”

Others addressed a number of complaints to the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency, (DVLA) some asking whether it was illegal to remove the flag.

Now – two months into the reign of the new design – a Scottish business has responded the feud by producing Saltire stickers intended to be used to cover the Union Jack.

The Bonny Badge Company, based in Dumfries and Galloway, announced the release of their new product last week.

Their announcement read: “Yes, we now have them, the one everyone has been looking for.”

Sharon Dolan-Powes, 57, owner of the company, said the response to their release had been “overwhelming.”

Nationalists on Twitter have been posting photos of their customised licences.