Fears for Trident whistleblower following bizarre 45,000 word rant


TRIDENT whistleblower William McNeilly has posted a bizarre 45,000-word rant online, sparking concern for his well-being among his family and friends.

The 26-year-old shared a “weird” post on Facebook in which he explains he is “The King” and that we are “about to see what a real Trident can do”.

He uses mathematical formulas and biblical references to “prove” that he has the power to “reshape space and time”.

William McNeilly used to work for the Royal Navy at Faslane
William McNeilly used to work for the Royal Navy at Faslane


He even calls himself “the Messiah”, declares “the devil is now locked in my basement” and says he has to “erase my memory and dumb myself down just to make taking over the world a bit of a challenge”.

It comes just four months after McNeilly, a Royal Navy submariner working at Faslane, on the Clyde, claimed Britain was on the verge of “nuclear catastrophe” and went on the run.

He handed himself in to police at Edinburgh airport after several days of lying low. All charges against him were dropped, but he was discharged from the Navy.

In his post he calls himself the "Messiah"
In his post he calls himself the “Messiah”


The post, shared on Wednesday, is titled ‘555 New Eden’ and appears in full on digital library Scribd – the same place he published his dossier earlier this year.

McNeilly, from Newtownabbey, County Antrim, states that he serves a God named ‘IAM’ who “no-one in a man’s body should claim to be equal to”.

He adds that “people have ignored my warnings” and “doubted my power to judge them”.

Ominously, he also writes: “I want to save you, but if you ignore my orders and insult IAM…you will see my dark side and I will destroy you.

He also says he has the power to "reshape space and time"
He also says he has the power to “reshape space and time”


“IAM is the beginning and the end. IAM is able to create everything from nothing. IAM is God overall.

“Now you know I have the power to destroy this dimension and design your future. Therefore, you can prevent me from destroying it again…by repenting and serving IAM.”

He explains his “mission” is to create a thousand years of peace and a New Eden”, before stressing that he is “not the Antichrist”.

Concerned friends commented on the post, asking him to “take it easy”.

Jemma McLaughlan wrote: “The only bit that worries me is ‘you are about to see what a real Trident can do.”

An extract from the 45,000-word passage
An extract from the 45,000-word passage


Kerry Higginson said: “Mate…don’t go all weird on us. Dates and numbers are just that, dates and numbers. You’ll see when tomorrow comes and it’s the same as today.”

Iain Bloor added: “Here if you need a chat. Be cool.”

The Ministry of Defense strongly denied the allegations made in his explosive dossier back in May.

A spokesman at the time said the document “contained a number of subjective and unsubstantiated personal views” made by a “very junior sailor” with whom the Navy “completely disagrees”.

However, many were also quick to applaud his actions.

The SNP’s defence spokesman, Brendan O’Hara MP, accused the MoD of trying to sweep McNeilly’s allegations under the carpet.

He said: “We should all be grateful that he was courageous enough to bring these matters to public attention – especially as he had nothing to gain personally and so much to lose.”