Sir Chris late for interview after first full sleep in a year


SIR CHRIS Hoy has revealed he has finally enjoyed a full night’s sleep – almost a year after the birth of his son.

And the six-time Olympic champion enjoyed the experience so much he slept in and was late for an interview with Chris Evans.

Sir Chris, whose son Callum was born 11 weeks early last October, revealed his night of undisturbed slumber during the chat with Evans on his BBC Radio 2 show yesterday morning.

Sir Chris was late for his radio interview
Sir Chris was late for his radio interview


Sir Chris, who is currently in London, said he woke up to several missed calls from concerned producers.

When he finally appeared on air just after 8:15am, he joked that he had been “absolutely flat out” after having a well-deserved lie-in.

Evans started the conversation with: “So, the reason for your tardiness this morning is because you had your first night’s full sleep since acquiring a ten-month old, is that correct?”

To which Sir Chris replied: “Yeah, thanks for calling me today. I was absolutely flat-out and I woke up to about six missed calls and text messages and tweets.

Callum was born 11 weeks premature
Callum was born 11 weeks premature


“Everybody was saying ‘Where are you? You’ve got to call Radio 2.

“So sorry if I’m a bit groggy in the voice, I’ve only just woken up.”

He joked: “I’m down in London for an event today, so I thought brilliant, I’ll have a nice long lie, but here we are.”

Sir Chris apologises profusely, before launching into the interview about Sir Chris’ new clothing range, HOY Vulpine.

During the interview he talked about a new pair of jeans he is designing, for both women and men who have “big legs”.

Callum was recently pictured watching his dad on TV
Callum was recently pictured watching his dad on TV


Sir Chris’ wife, Sarra, also took to social media yesterday morning to share that their son could hear his dad on the radio – and was looking around the room for him.

She tweeted: “Callum is looking around the room trying to find his Daddy! Am trying to explain that you’re on BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans.”

Callum was born 11 weeks premature last October, weighing just 2 pounds 2 ounces.

He spent a lot of time in intensive care and incubators, before being allowed home 140 days after being born.

Since returning home he has gone from strength to strength, and his proud parents have shared photographs of him being shown around Edinburgh and sat next to a massive weight in the gym.