Tuesday, August 16, 2022
In BriefDad advertises for former soldier to supervise unruly teen

Dad advertises for former soldier to supervise unruly teen

AN EXASPERATED father has appealed for military intervention to help control his troublesome teen.

The frustrated parent posted an ad on Gumtree last week looking to hire someone “ex military or similar” to babysit his know-it-all 15-year-old son.

He suggests that his son has a problem with sticking to the rules and states that being strong-willed and taking no nonsense is a must.

The hilarious job proposal reads: “We are looking for someone to assist in what is really a babysitting service for a rather unruly 15-year-old.



“The job will be part time in Edinburgh, picking up from school, dropping off at home, making sure he does not ‘miss the bus’ and arrive home hours late.

“Essentially a one-to-one “boot camp.”

The father, who lives in the upmarket west end of the city, went on: “Ex army or other military would be ideal or even currently serving personnel who can flex this into their lives.

“Ex-police also welcome and anyone who thinks they can fill this post. Requires a strong minded individual who takes no nonsense!”

The dad is also hoping that the successful candidate will be able to spend some time taking his son to the gym.

“References are essential, reliability a must and an ability to exert control over a teen who thinks he knows it all and bends every rule to breaking point.

“Pay will be negotiable on an hourly basis but there are reasonable opportunities (if its works) for longer periods of employment (for example at weekends or taking him to the gym). This is a a part time post and flexibility is a must.

The challenging role is still open and states that references and reliability are a must.

Asked for comment, the father – known only as Andrew – insisted the job advert is real.

He wrote: “I am afraid it is legit and far from being a joke. I wish it was.”

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