Two women “tasered” during shop robbery


TWO women were tasered in an armed robbery in the Borders this morning.

The two shop workers at The Original Factory Shop in Kelso, Roxburghsire, were tasered by robbers just after 9am on Monday morning.

After the women were attacked it is understood that robbers escaped with cash and merchandise from the store.

The two women are currently recovering in hospital.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police in the Borders are investigating following a robbery at a shop in Bowmont Street, Kelso.

“The incident occurred on Monday, October 5, at around 9.10am.

The store in Kelso
The store in Kelso


“Officers are currently in attendance. Anyone with information is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101.”

Police Scotland this morning confirmed that tasers had been used in the robbery. But by 1pm they changed their position, insisting they could neither confirm nor deny the use of tasers.

Jeff Slater, owner of the nearby Duncan House B&B said: “Kelso is a very nice, quiet town and you never even hear of a car being stolen.

“I’ve lived here for 12 years and have only known of two housebreakings. People leave their doors unlocked, it’s a very safe place.

“It’s quite shocking to hear of something like that happening.”

A worker at the nearby A Hume Country Clothing said: “It’s very bizarre, this kind of thing never happens in Kelso.

“I’ve heard it mentioned by a few people but don’t know any details.”

Rachel Strathdee, who works at the local Greggs store, said: “I’ve only worked here for a short while but it is scary to think that has happened.

“We have had a lot of people coming in and asking about it, but we don’t really know any details.

“I heard that one person got tasered early this morning, but some people are also saying it was two workers.”

Rebecca Revel, who works at the store but was not there during the incident, said: “I have no idea who has been hurt. I’ve not been able to get in touch with anyone to find out what happened.

“It’s my close friends who work there and I don’t want to comment until I know exactly what happened.”

Staff at a nearby Sainsbury’s in Maxwellheugh confirmed that the getaway car was left in their car park – and was removed by police the same morning.

One said: “All I know is that the car was left here this morning and was removed but I can’t say anything more.”

When asked about a getaway car being dumped in the car park, a spokeswoman for the Sainsbury’s store said: “I am aware of that but I can’t comment.”

A spokeswoman for The Original Factory Shop said: “We can confirm that an incident occurred at our Kelso store earlier today and the store is now closed.

“Fortunately no members of the public or our staff were seriously harmed during the incident and those involved are receiving appropriate support and counselling. The incident is in the hands of the police and we are co-operating fully with their investigation.”

Tasers are electroshock weapons capable of delivering a 50,000 volt incapacitating charge.

The electric charge is delivered either through two dart-like electrodes fired into the skin on the target or through direct contact with a “drive stun” where the gun makes direct contact.

They have been used by the police since 2010 – but it is illegal to use, buy, sell or own one privately.

The maximum sentence for possession of a taser is set at ten years with an unlimited fine.