VIDEO: Mercedes driver on the wrong side of road


MERCEDES drivers have a reputation for thinking they own the road but a new video clip may have provided proof.

The short film shows the driver of a silver Mercedes almost causing a crash by pulling out in front of an approaching car.

The driver then adds insult to injury by literally driving in the middle of the road for several hundred metres.

The dashcam movie, posted online by website Scotland’s Worst Drivers, shows the shameless roadhog even driving on a solid white centre line as the car crests a hill.

The incident occurred on September 8 at around 2:00pm on Mearns Road in Glasgow.

The footage appears to take place in a residential area – where the limit is 30mph.


Both cars appear to be travelling within the limit – but when the Mercedes cuts in it forces the following car to slow quickly.

For ten seconds the car then drives up the middle of the road – taking up a huge portion of the oncoming lane.

Fortunately – just before coming over the crest of a hill – the car moves left leaving just enough of a gap for an oncoming car to drive through.

But even after the close call the car carries on driving down the centre of the road.

Marco Galasso uploaded the footage to Facebook and explained: “It was an old guy driving, my other half was driving our car.

“She held her hand on the horn all the way up the hill.”

Chris Crawford, who viewed the video, commented: “My grandad used to drive like that, he was blind but used the centre lines as a guide.”

Catrona Fagan Cowan added: “I would share this with the Police.

“What if they do it another day and some poor person is not so lucky?”