Rankin has “evidence” left for him at his favourite bar


FAMED Scots crime writer Ian Rankin has had a mysterious bag of evidence left for him at his favourite haunt.

The author frequently has post and messages left for him at The Oxford Bar – a pub near Edinburgh’s upmarket George Street – which also features heavily in his detective series.

In the past the 55 year-old has even had “weapons and panties” left by dedicated fans at his favourite bar – who sometimes travel hundreds of miles to visit the drinking hole.

But the latest addition to the set off oddities left for him is a mysterious bag marked “evidence.”

Rankin's mystery evidence
Rankin’s mystery evidence


Rankin tweeted a nonchalant message to his 90,000 followers on Thursday, showing a pile of books and an official-looking evidence bag – the kind a detective might use.

He captioned the picture: “Picked up my mail from the Oxford Bar…”

Markings on the bag read: “Evidence – to be opened by authorized personnel only.”

The author left no further comment on whether the evidence was a prop – or something more sinister – and the contents still remain unknown.

Ian Rankins’ new Rebus novel – Even Dogs in the Wild – is scheduled to be released in November 2015.

The series now boasts 20 full length novels as well as countless short stories, TV, film and stage adaptations.