Outraged Scots start petition to ban English currency north of the border


DIE-HARD Scots have started a petition to ban English currency north of the border.

Outraged nationalists have set up an online page calling for the SNP to refuse English notes in the wake of a video which went viral last week.

The clip, which was viewed 425,000 times, showed shop workers in Milton Keynes refusing to accept Scottish pound notes from a customer who wanted to buy a rugby scarf.

Now, furious campaigners have hit back by setting up a petition to ban English currency in Scotland.

The petition, led by Ross Wylie from Glasgow, is addressed to the SNP and titled: “Scotland will not accept English Banknotes.”

It reads: “Following last years Referendum, Scotland “Voted” to remain a part of the United Kingdom. However, despite being part of this Union, Scottish Bank notes are not accepted in England.

The petition page online
The petition page online


“This means that you have to change currency before crossing the border. To remedy this I suggest that English Banknotes are deemed equally unacceptable north of the border and a percentage is charged by the institution changing the currency.

“This is a measure to create a greater equality in the UK and gets the ball rolling in the direction of establishing our own Independent currency.”

The petition was set up on Thursday – the same day that the video surfaced online – but has since found just 415 supporters.

Some signatories of the petition even said that they had only signed in order to leave a comment pointing out that Ross Wylie – it’s creator – is “deluded.”

And even Peter Mechan – the customer who filmed the original debacle at the Rugby World Cup shop – has spoken out about it.

He said: “I think the petition is a bit silly.

“They should just accept it in England rather than the other way round – we shouldn’t be more divided.”

An SNP spokesman said: “The SNP has absolutely no plans to outlaw English banknotes nor does the Scottish government have the power to do so.”

The video which prompted the petition was posted on Facebook last week.

The recording begins in the middle of a confrontation between Peter and a retail assistant at a RWC shop in Milton Keynes, following the Fiji vs Uruguay match on Tuesday.

In the video staff confirm that their managers have told them not to accept Scottish banknotes – to which Peter expresses his outrage.

He can be heard saying: “So the England world cup won’t allow Scots to play bagpipes and it won’t allow them to accept Scottish notes.”

“That’s fine – I’ll put an official complaint in – that’s unacceptable.”

A spokesman for the RWC Shop apologised after the incident, saying: “This has been a miscommunication at one of our outlets. It is an isolated incident and we have apologised to the customer concerned.

“We are sorry if it has offended anyone. It is certainly not our policy to not accept Scottish currency and staff and management have been briefed to that end.”