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Scots dog lover receives worldwide support for petition calling for animal offenders register

A SCOTS dog lover who started a petition calling for the introduction of an animal offenders register has received support from around the world.

Twenty-six-year-old Jennifer Glasgow decided to set up a page in the hope that an official register would help protect pets from abusive owners.

The former criminal justice student was inspired after hearing of a puppy who was badly abused by its owner and left with a shattered leg and internal bleeding.

Jennifer works with animals daily as a dog groomer in Glasgow’s west end.

And despite the petition going live just four days ago, she has already received over a thousand signatures from across the world including Australia, South Africa and the US.

Hundreds of messages of support have been left on the site, calling for the protection of “defenseless” animals.

Jennifer, who currently works as a dog groomer, said: “This petition means so much to me. If even one animal can be saved by this then it will all be worth while.

“Too many people think they can get away with abusing animals these days, it sickens me.”

Jennifer’s petition has been gaining attention from around the globe.

She explained how she was inspired to start the petition after hearing how one of her close friends was affected by a shocking animal cruelty incident.

“My friend rescued a young German Shepard who was severely underweight and a mess. She later found out she was pregnant,” she said.

“Once the puppies were born – all 9 of them – she managed to find them all a home through friends and family.

“A guy who she had known for over a year came to take photos of the pups for her and constantly bonded with one called Charlotte, so she agreed that when she was old enough he could have her.

“Six weeks later, Charlotte was sitting in SSPCA vets with a shattered back leg, broken ribs and internal bleeding.

“It has now come out that the SSPCA had previously investigated the guy after his three cats died mysteriously.

“If there was an animal offenders register then my friend would have been able to check this and Charlotte would not be where she is now.

“There are many other stories that have contributed to this but that was the final straw.”

German Shepherd Charlotte is currently with the SSPCA after being harmed by her new owner.

Jennifer hopes she can generate enough signatures to have the proposal considered by the Scottish Government.

The petition on reads: “Unfortunately in the UK people that are found guilty of animal abuse don’t receive the punishments that fit the crime.

“What stops these people from going back out and buying or even rehoming another animal and doing the exact same thing again?

“I propose an Animal Offenders Register to stop these people being able to get their hands on any other animal and causing more pain and suffering.

“We have a Sex Offenders list and now a domestic violence list. Why not protect our animals?”

Hundred messages of support have been left on the website urging for the register to be introduced.

Jennifer is in talks with her local MP about the petition.

Renee Calpin from Rhode Island, USA wrote: “An animal abuser registry should be in every country worldwide.

“We do the same for children, we must do the same for animals. They are just as innocent and helpless to the evils of humans.”

And Karen Lawson from Bridge of Weir in Scotland said: “If a person is capable of hurting a defenseless animal they are capable of violence to anyone and this sort of cruelty should be taken very seriously.

“Both to prevent further abuse of an innocent animal and to protect society from someone capable of such abuse.”

“A world in which animal cruelty goes unchecked is bound to be a less morally safe world for human beings.”

In Scotland anyone who is convicted of animal cruelty can be sent to prison for up to 12 months and can also be fined up to £20,000.

Courts also have the power to disqualify them from keeping future pets either for a lifetime or for a certain period.

But in some cases this has not stopped abusive owners from going on to find and harm other animals.

Jennifer is currently in talks with her local MSP, Elaine Smith who is planning to write to the Scottish Government about the petition.

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