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EntertainmentSpectacular video shows 30 killer whales frolicking around ship in North Sea

Spectacular video shows 30 killer whales frolicking around ship in North Sea

A SPECTACULAR video shows over 30 killer whales frolicking around a ship in the North Sea.

The crew aboard the Grampian Protector managed to witness the once-in-a-lifetime moment at the weekend when stationed 155 miles east of Aberdeen.

The eleven minute clip shows the school of Orcas – including a mother and her baby – bashing their tails against the choppy waves and leaping in and out of the water.

And the footage even managed to capture the whales underwater where they can be heard communicating.

Chief officer for the emergency response ship, Graeme Hately who captured the footage said: “We were all stunned to see so many of them at one time.

“There were at least 30. We were completely surrounded by them.

“You can see them thrashing their tails, we think they were trying to corral a shoal of fish.

“I have worked offshore for 24 years and this is one of the most spectacular sights I have seen.”

The Orcas surrounded the crews ship.

Mr Hatley, who lives in Nottinghamshire, has worked on the Grampian Protector for the past 11 years and has managed to capture many spectacular events.

He previously posted a video of a huge wave hitting the ship receiving over nine million views on social media.

“I was just about to turn in and get some sleep, but I always tell the guys that if anything interesting happens, they should give me a shout – and it doesn’t get much more unusual than a school of whales alongside,” he said.

“I have a good quality digital camera and I also have a Go-Pro which I threw into the water with a weight and a buoy to see what I could get.

“I thought the flashing light on the Go Pro might attract them.

A mother and baby swimming together.

“You can hear them communicating on the underwater footage. To get the mother and baby was just a lucky shot. I was thrilled when I played back the footage.”

Orcas are considered the largest species in the dolphin family weighing up to 6 tons and can grow to 32 feet – almost the length of a school bus.

They are known to prey on almost any animal they find in the sea, in the air and also along the coastline.

They are also famous for their massive teeth which have the ability to grow up to 4 inches long,

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