Violent Scots use fish tanks, wheelie bins and coat hangers in domestic attacks, report reveals




VIOLENT Scots have used fish tanks, wheelie bins and coat hangers in domestic abuse attacks over the last year.

A report has revealed the astonishing array of items that people from Fife have used to assault their partners.

The worrying statistics show that vulnerable victims have also been struck with walking sticks, ashtrays, cigarettes and pillows.

And in at least one instance, a person used a car as a weapon to batter their partner.

The “unacceptable” figures come as police in Fife recorded 4,161 instances of domestic abuse in 2014-2014 – which amounts to more than 11 every day.



Bin Collection



Weapons were used in almost a quarter of serious cases, with 41% of victims also being stalked.

The data also showed that 69% of the assailants – mostly male – had drink and/or drug problems.

The report was compiled by MARAC (multi-agency risk assessment conferencing) Fife, in order to identify the highest risk victims and help them feel safer.

Margaret Kennedy, chair of Fife Council’s safer communities committee, expressed her concern at the figures.

She said: “It is entirely unacceptable that so many women and children across Fife are living in fear.

“This process helps agencies recognise the full impact of a perpetrator’s behaviour and agree a joined up response.”

MARAC has helped 1000 victims since 2010, but their annual report points to a worrying increase in the number of victims and perpetrators aged between 15 and 20.

Mental health issues are a concern in the majority of cases, and the report also highlights that a “significant proportion of victims will go on to experience at least one further incident of abuse”.