Thursday, August 11, 2022
EntertainmentVideo shows A380 fly underneath chopper

Video shows A380 fly underneath chopper

THIS is the amazing moment the world’s biggest passenger jet flew underneath a hovering helicopter.

The breathtaking manoeuvre was performed near Dubai in United Arab Emirates as part of a promotional film for Emirates Airlines.

It is understood the helicopter was being used as the filming platform, capturing footage that has not yet been released. But a mobile phone camera clip of the flypast has emerged.

The plane can be seen flying in from the right of the helicopter and then swooping just underneath to exit on the left.

Exclamations of glee and amazement can be heard as the plane glides underneath creating a deafening roar as it does so.


It is not known how close the A380 comes to the helicopter but it appears to be well within 1,000ft.

The four engines that power the plane create a tremendous amount of turbulence meaning that in the United Kingdom the A380 must always remain at least 3,700 ft away from another plane on take off.

Emirate insisted the flight was carefully planned and completely safe.

A spokesman for the airline, which operates almost 65 A380s, costing $375m (£242m) apiece, said: “Emirates can confirm that it has conducted air to air filming of the A380 over various parts of Dubai as well as the UAE, and has safely completed all of the required flights.”

The A380 is the world’s largest passenger plane boasting a double-decker capacity of 853 people.

Weighing in at approximately 590 tonnes the wingspan of the plane measures in at 79.57 m / 261 ft 8 in, which is 54% larger than the wings of a Boeing 747.

The overall length of the plane is 72.72 m / 238 ft 7 in and its height is 24.09 m / 79 ft 1 in.

If all the wiring in the A380 were laid end to end, it would stretch from Edinburgh to London, and the cabin air intakes on the wings are so large they could hold a Mini.

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