Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Vigilante biker risks disaster to shame van man on mobile

A “VIGILANTE” biker has been accused of risking his own life in a bid to shame a white van driver using his mobile.

Dramatic helmet footage shows the biker on a busy dual carriageway gesturing at the driver – who responds by taking his other hand off the wheel to make an obscene gesture.

Motoring organisations condemned both drivers and said there was no point in road users doubling the risk of an accident to highlight the lawbreaking of others.

The footage was recorded on the A90 southbound at Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, and appears to show a Halsall Mechanical van, from Cannock, Staffs, with the driver blatantly using his mobile.

The outraged motorcyclist draws level with the van and looks away from the road to film the driver.

The motorcyclist takes a hand off the controls to first point and then make “talking” gesture.

The biker shaming the driver
The biker shaming the driver


The van driver defiantly ignores the instruction to get off his mobile and even takes his “free” hand off the wheel momentarily to give the biker the middle finger.

The biker posted the video on YouTube, writing: “Not the smartest guy in the world here.

“Driving while chatting on his phone whilst in a company vehicle with the name and contact details up the side!

“Being flipped the bird like I was in the wrong was funny though. I wonder what his employers and the police will think of this?”

But an AA spokesman said both motorists were in the wrong.


He said: “Whilst it is extremely annoying to see illegal phone use when you are driving it’s no good doubling the risk of a crash or a road rage incident through the very act of ‘pointing out’ other drivers’ stupidity on the basis that one day a phone addict may hopefully be caught.

“Someone driving for business in a liveried vehicle should particularly remember that they are on display to all other road users some of whom may be in a safe position to the report the matter to the police and their employer.

“AA members say they see hand held mobile telephone use whilst driving on practically every journey they make.”

A spokesman for road safety charity Brake said: “The driver is clearly breaking the law by using his mobile.

“And the motorcyclist hasn’t got both hands on the bike appearing to be looking at the driver and not at the road ahead.

“It’ s a stand-off that could potentially have fatal consequences.”

“This behaviour is also the number one irritating behaviour that drivers see others displaying.

“Enforcement is best left to the police, even though they are not around all the time.

Stephen Halsall, director of Halsall Mechanical Limited said: “I will look into it.”

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