Scot shames fast food chain over burger that’s more Boakback Mountain than Rodeo BBQ


A SCOTS couple have shared hilariously horrible pictures of their fast food order after it failed to live up to the glossy adverts.

Danny Allan slammed Burger King on Twitter after paying £6 for a “soggy” and “chewy” Double Rodeo BBQ burger and a Cheeseburger that looked like a “Jaffa Cake”.

The disappointed diner, 31, and his wife, Anja, 32, used the drive through service at the recently-opened Burger King restaurant at Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh.

Burger King
What the Double Rodeo BBQ burger really looked like


But the couple were left devastated when they opened the packaging to find burgers than bear no resemblance to the adverts that drew them in.

Danny said: “I’m not really big on fast food anyway but me and my wife had went to the cinema across the way.

“But I saw the picture at Burger King and thought it looked good.

“When I opened up the wrapper it felt like absolutely nothing, it was so light. Then when I saw it it was nothing like what I had seen.

“I was absolutely starving so I actually ate it. I polished it off because I was just so hungry but It tasted horrible, the bun was soggy and the whole thing was so chewy.

Cheeseburger FK
The cheeseburger was even less appetising, according to the couple


“The onion rings were so small they were basically like wedding rings. There was a very small slice of plastic cheese too.”

Anja refused to eat her cheeseburger, which was only slightly bigger than the gherkins slapped on top.

Danny said: “It was like a Jaffa Cake but the Jaffa was the the burger with all the extra bread on the outside.”

The delicious-looking Rodeo burger advert boasts a thick overflowing burger is described as “a true taste of the wild-west”. And the classic cheeseburger is described as: “Made from 100% beef topped with a slice of melted cheese, pickles, ketchup and mustard all wrapped up in a sesame seed bun.

Burger King’s vision of how the product should look


Danny tweeted his disappointment and sent the reality of his food to the Burger King UK Twitter page.

He wrote: “Paid £6 for this at BK Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird.

“No wonder the place is like a ghost town.”

The image come just weeks after a photograph that was shared on Reddit went viral showing a KFC ricebox that looked nothing like what the company had been advertising.

The user from the US, known as atheistlee, received hundreds of shares and comments on the image captioned, ‘What I thought I was eating, what I actually got.”