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BusinessColdstream gets 4G but loses telly

Coldstream gets 4G but loses telly

HUNDREDS of homes have been left without TV reception after 4G mobile service was switched on in their town.

Residents of Coldstream in the Scottish Borders were excited to hear they would benefit from 4G mobile signal when the move was announced in early October.

4G signal – the latest form of mobile technology – promises quicker access to the internet, gaming and high-definition mobile TV.

But after bosses hit the switch, hundreds of homes found their freeview signal was being disrupted by the state-of-the-art technology.

4G is great for phones, but bad for TV
4G is great for phones, but bad for TV


To the dismay of residents, the 800MHz frequencies used by 4G are next to the frequencies which transmit normal television signals.

The groundbreaking update has left residents able to log on to Facebook and Candycrush at break-neck speed – but without the ability to watch TV channels which have been on the airwaves since 1929.

Since the new service went live in early October, At800 – the mobile phone service watchdog – has received 108 calls from residents complaining about the new tech.

After residents’ complaints they have also been forced to arrange 58 engineer visits and send out sets of free filters – hoping to block the signal disruption from homes.

But so far only 49 cases of the 4G disruption have been resolved.

A spokesman for At800 said that the organisation has been “particularly busy” in the Coldstream area as a result of the disturbance caused by the upgrade.

He said the group has “allocated additional resources to ensure residents in the area were able to have their TV disruption resolved within the 10 working day target.

“Free filters are available for everyone – residents in communal or managed properties should contact At800 to arrange for the correct filter to be sent to them.”

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