House of Fraser forced to remove “disgusting” pug advert


HOUSE of Fraser have been forced to remove part of their Christmas campaign after angered customers called them “disgusting” for promoting puppies as gifts.

The British department store posted an image on their Facebook page last night showing a pug puppy with a red bow tied around it’s neck captioned, “What’s on YOUR Christmas list this year?”

But within hours the adorable photo back-fired with nearly 700 comments slamming the company for promoting the idea of buying a puppy only for Christmas and not for life.

The adorable pug packaged up like a Christmas gift

And furious pet lovers even accused the company of encouraging puppy farming.

The post was removed earlier this morning after customers threatened to boycott the company.

Racheal Meacham wrote: “How could you possibly think that putting a puppy with a bow on it saying what do you want for Christmas was a good idea.

“There are so many unwanted dogs in shelters due to this irresponsibility from people thinking this is a good idea well it’s not.

“You should pay more attention to animal welfare if you decide to use any animals for you publicity campaign i really am disgusted.”

The post angered hundreds of Facebook users

Sian Fairclough said: “674 comments pre-deleting the badly advised marketing strategy.

“Heads should roll, a classic Christmas no-no. Shame on you.

“HoF will not be my shop of choice this year. ?#?scrapthepuppytrade? ?#?puppyfarm?”

The retail giant was branded “disgraceful” and told they should be “ashamed of themselves”.

And Angela Oakley wrote: “What the hell are you thinking by having this picture on your website?

“You must know the horrors of what happens in puppy farms!

“You are encouraging people to buy puppies for Christmas that are very likely then to be abandoned in the following months by the majority.

The original image posted by House of Fraser.

“Show some responsibility for your actions by removing this and apologising.

“Don’t you think animals are suffering enough without you adding to the problem.”

House of Fraser responded on their Facebook page: “House of Fraser recognises that the picture was inappropriate and an error of judgement.

“It was not intended as an advertisement as House of Fraser does not sell pets or any pet associated products. It won’t happen again.”