Gordon Ramsay reveals he wishes he didn’t swear so much


GORDON RAMSAY has revealed the top piece of advice he would give to his younger self – not to swear so much.

The celebrity chef, known for his foul-mouthed rants, made the announcement during an interview with a magazine in which he opened up about several aspects of his life.

Speaking from his Bread Street Kitchen at the Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, he delved into his childhood and revealed his likes and dislikes.

And some of his answers are sure to raise eyebrows.

Ramsay says he would tell his younger self to swear less
Ramsay says he would tell his younger self to swear less


When asked what his preferred hangover cure was, he suggested that the best method was to “stay pissed”.

When questioned on how he felt about people cutting out certain food groups when they aren’t intolerant, for example gluten-free, he replied “Luckily, I don’t tend to meet any of those freaks.”

Asked what advice he would give to his younger self, he replied “less swearing”.

And when questioned on whether he would choose a sandwich over a baguette he flew into a rage.

He said: “Sandwich, but not cut in triangles – cut into squares. I recently went to a place and I asked for a cheese and pickle sandwich.

“They cut the f****** crusts off and they cut it into triangles. I always say, ‘square over triangle’ so keep the f****** crusts on and cut it in a square.

“You know what they brought me back? They brought me back a plate of crusts.”


He revealed his favourite dish as a youngster was his mother’s bread and butter pudding, and he would always choose beans on toast over scrambled eggs.

The chef also predicted the next big food trend to be inspired by Cambodia.

The interview comes as Ramsay trains for the Ironman Triathlon, pushing himself through regular 7-hour sessions.

He spoke of how he doesn’t let it affect his diet, saying: “I treat myself and I think you need to when you discipline yourself to a 5k swim in the morning or a 20k run after work or a 6-hour cycle on a Saturday.

“I’m good at feeling pretty okay about eating anything.”

The Bread Street Kitchen in Dubai makes up the fourth of the brand, with the original opening in London and the other two following in Singapore and Hong Kong.