Greene King issues terror advice to 24,000 members of staff

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Notice to Greene King Staff

STAFF at one of the UK’s biggest pub chains have been told to practice bomb scare evacuations and inspect window boxes for explosives.

A document given to managers at Greene King yesterday warned managers at its 1,800 pubs that their premises are a “potential target”.

The two-page document, issued following the Paris attacks, gives detailed advice to 24,000 staff on how to prepare for an incident and what to do should one occur.

The advice, leaked by a staff member at a Belhaven pub in Scotland, states: “The attacks in Paris demonstrate that terrorists are prepared to hit pubs and bars and places where people congregate.”

Employees are told to “practice your evacuation drill in case of a bomb scare” warning and that they should gather away from the building, as “terrorists have been known to detonate a second bomb at the muster point”.

The advice adds: “Make regular checks outside, devices can be left in vehicles, window boxes, tubs or containers, on windowsills or in doorways.”

Staff have also been ordered to check their “Skyguard” and “Star” personal safety units, which if activated link directly to a 24 hour call centre and which can be tracked by GPS.

Workers are also advised that should an incident occur, they must: “”Stay indoors, take cover, stay away from windows, listen to local news channels and follow the advice of the emergency services on the ground.”

Managers are told to review all security equipment and make sure it is maintained. They are also warned to “be vigilant” and to “treat items left over as suspect.”

Be aware of members of the public acting suspiciously,or vehicles being left and used in a suspicious manner,” states the document.

Terrorists often visit targets to understand the layout of the building. They may take photographs.”

Luggage is also to be treated with suspicion with staff told: “Be particularly aware of personal items left unattended such as briefcases, bags and especially backpacks.”

Unoccupied rooms, areas or store cupboards that can be, should be kept locked.”

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Close-up of the Notice

The document assures staff it is not meant to cause alarm but adds: “The British Government believes that the risk of similar attack in the UK is very likely and pubs and restaurants are potential targets from gun men, suicide bombers and bombs left on the premises or in vehicles outside. “