Scots waking up to 5,000-calorie breakfast munchie boxes

The Doonhamer’s version of the breakfast munchie box

SCOTS face a new threat to their waistlines in the shape of breakfast “munchie boxes” containing up to 5,000 calories.

Cafes have started serving up an early morning version of the notorious late-night takeaway.

Instead of kebab meat, chips and cheese, breakfast munchie boxes come packed with sausages, haggis, black pudding, potato scones, fried bread, scramble egg and beans.

The ultimate breakfast munchie box is served in a 16” pizza box, costs £17, and is sold as enough for four people.

The ultimate munchie box with a list of the items in it.

The creations have taken social media by storm with fans posting pictures of their calorie-packed breakfasts online.

The Doonhamer cafe in Dumfries started selling breakfast munchie boxes this week and owner Sharon Spencer said they were proving a massive hit.

Their “two person” box sells for £11.99 and is estimated to contain around 2,000 calories, the recommended daily intake for a woman.

Sharon said 76,000 people had looked at the breakfasts on their Facebook page.

She said: “I had people contacting me from Canada and Australia, and a lady from Perth asking if I could open a franchise there..

Many of the people talking about it are suggesting it will be perfect to deal with a hangover!”

She added: “We saw how popular the Chinese munchie boxes were, and we were selling small boxes for take away anyway, so we thought we might as well do it.”

People may criticise it, but it is the same local butcher we use for our meats as well, so it is made with high quality produce.”

Cafe no.10 in Ayr has also started serving a breakfast munchie box, offering £8.99 and £16.99 options.

Chef Lee Fields said: “It is really popular, we have only been doing it since the beginning of the week and we have sold quite a bit as well as getting a lot of attention on social media.

All types of people are coming in to try them, we also do four person versions of it that is quite popular too.”

The original, late-night version of the munchie box typically contains kebab meat, chips, cheese, pakoras and even a few slices of pizza for good measure.