Thursday, June 30, 2022
EntertainmentSarra shares pic of Callum Hoy after his TV debut

Sarra shares pic of Callum Hoy after his TV debut

SARRA HOY snapped this adorable pic with one-year-old son Callum after his first ever TV appearance.

Callum took a star turn on the popular ITV morning show hosted by Scots presenter Lorraine Kelly this morning, appearing alongside mum Sarra in her campaign for parents with premature babies.

Callum was born 11 weeks early, weighing just two pounds, but the candid snap taken on a train shows him fit and healthy, travelling on mum Sarra’s lap as they make their way home.

Sarra shared the pics this afternoon
Sarra shared the pics this afternoon


Sarra tweeted around midday, captioning it: “Great morning with Lorraine talking about prematurity.

“Callum’s enjoying his journey home to see daddy Chris Hoy.”

At around ten in the morning, Chris tweeted his fans a picture of his wife and child on the show, commenting: “Here’s Sarra Hoy and Callum on his TV debut.

“Proud husband and dad this morning!”

Lorraine Kelly also tweeted an adorable pic of her holding Callum on her lap after his appearance, adding: “How cute is Callum Hoy?

“Thanks for the cuddle and big thanks to your mum Sarra Hoy and dad Chris Hoy.”

Lorraine with Callum
Lorraine with Callum


Hanna Kate Plumley responded: ?”What a blooming lovely picture that is Lorraine.”

Another of her 540,000 followers gushed: “Chris, definitely the apple didnt fall far from the tree what a lovely wee laddie.”

Sarra’s campaigning resulted in several major landmarks across Edinburgh lighting up with the colour purple last Tuesday.

The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh Airport, Murrayfield Stadium, the Sheraton Hotel and Edinburgh University’s Centre of Sport and Exercise at the Pleasance all lit up after the wife of the champion cyclist backed World Prematurity Day (WPD).

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