The 130-flat tower block with one resident


A CONDEMNED tower block of 130 flats is still being supplied with power, water and a caretaker – for one resident.

Alexander Nicol has lived in the 250ft-high Glasgow building for almost a quarter of a century and insists he would rather be blown up by a demolition team than move.

Alexander, known as “Buster” to friends, has lived completely alone in the block in Drumchapel for the past two months.

Buster looks out from his high-rise flat
Buster looks out from his high-rise flat


15 Linkwood Crescent is due to be demolished by owners Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) but Buster has refused offers of alternative housing because he claims they’re too far from his family.

Because Buster, 47, won’t budge, the block has lighting in public areas on round the clock. Water is still being supplied but Buster claims it is occasionally “black”. The lifts are also being kept in full working order.

His only neighbours are pigeons, and he spends his days listening to Queen records and staring at the skyline from his 12th floor window in the 1960s tower.

He said: “People left through the last year or so.

“We were sent a letter stating that it was getting pulled down. They’re pulling it down in January but we don’t know when.”

The only other light showing was left on by another resident who abandoned their home
The only other light showing was left on by another resident who abandoned their home


He added: “There was an old guy on floor four, but he moved about two months ago and I’m the only guy here now.

“I want to be in Drumchapel. There’s plenty of empty homes around here.

“I’m not moving. F****** pull it down while I’m here, if you want.”

GHA ask Buster to visit their nearby office once a week to check for details of available flats.

But Buster, who can see the homes of the other members of his family from his flat, complains he would have to move too far away to be rehoused.

Buster’s TV broke a few weeks ago. “I sit in here, this is my life,” he said. “I’m a music man. I listen to Queen, Oasis whatever. That’s the highlight – that window. Looking out to the scenery, watching the airplanes. I miss my neighbours.

“It’s like a jail. There are steel doors so people don’t break in. And in the flat downstairs, pigeons come in. I can smell their droppings.“