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Van man under fire for disabled parking Facebook post

A VAN driver is suffering a backlash after parking in a disabled bay and then posting a picture of the resulting complaint letter for laughs.

Ben Casey, who runs his own tiling company in Edinburgh, parked his van in a disabled bay outside Argos.

When he returned to his vehicle a note was attached which read: “You are a sod and not handicapped and took the only place available – selfish bastard.”

Ben thought it would be funny to post the note on his Facebook page. Alongside three “crying with laughter” emoticons, he wrote: “At Argos and no spaces so had to park in disabled bay. Come out and this was on van windscreen.”

The post on Facebook
The post on Facebook


But Ben’s claim that he “had” to park in a disabled bay post prompted anger rather than mirth after it came to the attention of campaigning website Scotland’s Worst Drivers.

A spokesman said: “This man was not embarrassed, and obviously thought it was a funny as he posted the note on social media. Although not illegal, this was morally wrong.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind folk that these disabled bays are there for a reason, and should not be parked in unless you are entitled to.

“If there are no spaces available nearby you should just accept that you have to park a little bit further away, even if it means walking as many blue badge holders do not have this option.”

A spokesman for the AA added: “There is absolutely no excuse for a vehicle to be parked in a disabled parking bay just because all the standard bays are full.
“Denying a disabled motorist the opportunity to park is distressing for them as it is something they probably experience quite often and it impacts on quality of life.”

Ben declined to comment when contacted.

The news comes just weeks after a police probe into graffiti on a handicapped parking bay in Edinburgh. Beneath the word “Disabled” someone painted “my arse.”

Alexander Begg, who has survived several heart attacks, and his wife, Pauline, who suffered breast cancer, are both registered disabled and have a dedicated parking space outside their home.

But they returned home from a recent holiday to find the offensive message daubed in foot-high wall paint in the middle of their new space in late October.

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