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Adele fan’s “love rat” post goes viral

A HEARTBROKEN woman’s Facebook thank-you to Adele for helping her get over a “ratbag” former flame has gone viral.

Stephanie Pope, from Derry, Northern Ireland, wrote a hilarious message to the singer which has received over 15,000 ‘likes’ in just 13 hours.

The message relates in painfully honest and graphic detail a drunken night in 2011 when Stephanie had just split from her partner.

Stephanie wrote the post on Adele's Facebook page
Stephanie wrote the post on Adele’s Facebook page


Stephanie, who works for the Legal Aid Agency, wrote: “I has just split up with my two-timing, lying, cheating dirtbag… 2 weeks previous when you sang at the Brit Awards.

“I still lived with the prick and went on a ‘f*** you and your secret love child’ night out with my mates. I had got pissed as a newt in an hour!

“I came home crashing through the front door absolutely wasted, obliviously trailing dog s*** on my shoes, right through my lovely hallway.

“I made my way to the kitchen bin where I puked my guts up and pissed my pants whilst doing so.”

Stephanie added: “I stumbled into the living room and pressed play on your recorded performance of ‘Someone Like You’ on the TV.

The post has gone viral, with thousands of likes and shares
The post has gone viral, with thousands of likes and shares


“I sang and cried at the top of my lungs, believing I was you and belted out every word to the bastard in the doorway looking at me in disgust.

“I didn’t give a s***. I was pissed and I was a woman, with feelings and a heart, and I deserved better.

“There I was with dog s*** on my shoes, sick on my dress, standing in pissy tights and pants with zero dignity and not knowing what I was gonna do now.

“Feels like a million years ago now but I just wanted you to know about it.

“I’m now free… totally cured and healed by the man of my dreams, my best buddy (and now husband).

“Thanks for helping me through it all. All my love, respect and deepest thanks.”

Stephanie is now happily married to Ben
Stephanie is now happily married to Ben


Pictures show Stephanie in a white dress on her wedding day last year, with husband Ben by her side.

Other snaps show her clowning around and wearing a bright green wig.

Adele has yet to respond to the post, but Stephanie’s husband has commented: “I’ll be with you in the years to come to wipe away any tears, clean any accidents and hold your hair when you’re ill.

“Step in dog s***, your f****** cleaning it up yourself.”

Hundreds of Adele fans have commented on the post, praising Stephanie for “putting her foot down”.

Danni Whatling wrote: “This is brilliant. Glad you met someone who deserved you.”

Jade Reid said: “I really hope Adele sees this.”

Amy McGeechan added: “We’ve all been there girls!”

Adele’s hit single ‘Someone Like You’ was inspired by her own broken relationship and how she came to terms with it.

It became Adele’s first number-one single in the UK after being released in 24 January 2011, and remained in the top spot for five weeks.

The lyrics include the lines “Never mind I’ll find someone like you” and “I wish nothing but the best for you”.

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