Trump faces war memorial backlash on Lewis


PLANS to ask Donald Trump to help rebuild a Scottish war memorial are set to be scrapped following his call to ban all Muslims from entering the US.


Donald Trump outside the Scottish Parliament (archive pic)


Trump’s mother hailed from Lewis in the Western Isles and four of his relatives from the island fought in the First World War.

Stornoway Historical Society said in October that it would write to Trump to ask him to donate towards the six-figure cost of renovating the 85ft Lewis War Memorial, which honours the 1,151 Lewismen who died in the conflict.

But Malcolm Macdonald, chairman of the society, said yesterday (Thu): “You don’t want blood money for a war memorial.

“There are Indians and Pakistanis in our community. We wouldn’t want to upset them.”

Mr Macdonald added that there were more than 70 people in the society and any change in policy but have to be agreed.

But he added: “You can have some criticism towards some Muslims, but you can’t put them all in the same bracket.

“Just because you have a murderer from one village doesn’t mean they are all murderers.”

“The people that died here, that lost their lives, to have money from Mr Trump would be a little over the top.”

The memorial, which was erected in 1924, has been derelict for the past three decades despite numerous attempts to fundraise for repairs which will cost at least £100,000.