Muslim hospital consultant tried to organise Trump protest


A TOP hospital consultant has revealed he tried to organise a protest outside Donald Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf resort following the tycoon’s call to ban Muslims from the US.

Renal specialist Dr Izhar Khan was so angered he contacted a mosque in Aberdeen to propose the protest.

But the doctor, who describes himself as an “agnostic Muslim”, said the community were too scared to turn out.

Dr Khan is also urging “decent people” to boycott of Trump’s International Golf Links on Menie Estate, north of Aberdeen, but he opposes a ban on the US Presidential candidate entering the UK.

The medic grew up in Pakistan but has lived in Scotland for over 30 years and works at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Trump has sparked controversy with his comments about muslims
Trump has sparked controversy with his comments about muslims


Trump caused worldwide outrage after he remarked: “We need a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States while we figure out what the hell is going on.”

Dr Khan said Trump was like a court jester who had “crossed the line”.

He revealed: “I did suggest to my Muslim friend who is active in the mosque that why don’t we hold a protest outside his course? But I think they are too scared.”

He added: “You can understand why many Muslims are against putting their head above the parapet in case they get targeted.

“Anti-Muslim feeling is very strong, just because a few idiot Muslims are making problems in the world. They are extreme, extreme minority in the grand scheme of things.

“But it is human nature to tar everyone with the same brush. And that is why Muslims are coming under the cosh at the moment. It is very sad. I can’t remember anything like this for a long time.”

The keen golfer: “I think decent people should boycott Trump.

“I don’t think any of my friends who are of of Muslim heritage would be keen to play. I know a couple of golfers who happen to be Muslim but I know very much for a fact they will avoid Trumps’ course.

Despite a petition against Trump being phenomenally successful, Dr Khan said he would not be joining calls to stop him from entering the UK.

He said: “I personally think that nobody should be banned unless they are a physical threat to society.

“I am a great follower of progressive politics. There is a Chilean poet who was banned by Maggie Thatcher from coming to Britain because of his poetry.

“People should lighten up a wee bit.”

Dr Khan is a respected specialist in renal disease. In 2014 he also bagged the World Porridge Making Championships crown in Carrbridge, Highland.

Yesterday, Trump lost a Supreme Court fight to stop an 11-turbine offshore wind farm being built within sight of the Menie estate.