Amusing moment Amazon tells KT Tunstall to buy her own album


THIS is the amusing moment that singer KT Tunstall was told to buy her own album.

The Scottish songwriter was browsing Amazon online when a notification appeared with suggested items.

The recommendations were based on books and films that she had previously purchased or said that she owned.

But the 40-year-old didn’t expect to see her own face staring back at her from her computer screen.

KT shared this snap with her followers
KT shared this snap with her followers


The hilarious message reads: “Kate Tunstall.

“Liked Forrest Gump? You’ll love Eye To The Telescope – KT Tunstall.”

It came with a picture of the album cover featuring Kate’s face staring moodily into the lens.

The singer, most famous for her songs including ‘Little Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’ and ‘Other Side of the World’, saw the funny side to the mishap.

She shared the picture with her 70,000 Twitter followers, with the caption: “Amazon confusing me with fractal mirror magic #selfeyecontact”

One bemused follower wrote: “A loop is a loop is a loop.”

Whilst Florencia Stellavato joked: “So…what about Forrest Gump?”

Eye to the Telescope was Tunstall’s debut album which she released in late 2004. It peaked at number three in the UK charts.