Ruth Davidson will be suffering today – if her Hogmanay pictures are anything to go by


TORY MSP Ruth Davidson will have a sore head this morning if the pictures she posted from Hogmanay are anything to go by.

The 37-year-old Scottish Conservative leader shared four photos on her Twitter account at midday today showing the aftermath of the night before.

An array of empty wine, vodka,  beer and champagne bottles are seen strewn across worktops from a house party last night.

The politician clearly had a good night bringing in the bells with friends.

And it appears that she could have a lot of cleaning up to do – as dozens of dirty martini and champagne glasses can be seen cluttering up sinks and kitchen tops.

The Edinburgh-born politician insinuated that she will be partaking in a month long detox throughout January, writing: “It’s time. #DryJanuary”.

Around 3am the MSP posted a tweet highlighting that she was only just about to hang up the coat tails saying: “There’s been food, drink, chat & pals. And more drink. But it’s time for me to retire. God bless you all. Hope tomorrow doesn’t hurt too much.”

The aftermath of the night before.

Twitter followers were quick to tease the MSP about the amount of alcohol that was shown.

Alan Crowe wrote: “Did you drink your normal January allowance in one go last night?”

While others poked fun at the politician joking that the pic was showing Ruth’s own personal supply.

Wine, champagne, beer, vodka and also some Lucozade were consumed.

Stephen Slack said: “We know you never had anyone round. You should be ashamed of yourself. Get help.”

And Paul Holst wrote: “No party guests last night then.”

Ruth joined the Conservative Party back in 2009 after leaving a career in journalism at the BBC.

She then became a member of the Scottish Parliament for the Glasgow regional list following the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

A plastic container was used to help clear up all of the empty bottles.