Council under fire after failing to issue a single dog fouling fine


A SCOTTISH council failed to issue a single fine for dog fouling last year despite hundreds of complaints from the public.

Scottish Borders Council has the power to impose fines of up to £60 but did not punish a single dog owner in the financial year 2014/15.

It also emerged that of the 236 fines the council issued between 2010 and 2014, fewer than half were paid.

Local MSP John Lamont claimed the council had effectively “given up” on tackling the problem of dog fouling.

The council has not issued a single ticket
The council has not issued a single ticket

He said: “Dog fouling remains one of the most common cause of complaints amongst residents.

“Looking at these figures, it is hardly surprising that some people think they can get away with not cleaning up after their pets.

“There is little point in actually handing out fines if so few are actually paid and none are being enforced in court.

“The council appears to agree, but instead of stepping up their efforts, they are not bothering to hand out fines.”

A Scottish Borders Council spokesman said: “The Council takes dog fouling seriously, highlighted by the fact it is currently finalising a new dog fouling strategy which is expected to include enforcement as well as education.

“Officers have met the Procurator Fiscal to discuss options available to the Council.

“Discussions have also been continuing with Councillors and it is expected the new strategy will be unveiled in early 2016.”