Queen places online ad for head of security at Holyroodhouse


THE QUEEN has advertised online for a new security officer to keep her safe during visits to Scotland’s capital.

An advert, recently placed on The British Monarchy’s website, appeals for an experienced officer to “maintain safety and security” throughout The Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.

The listing does not provide a salary, though it is believed the lucky man or woman is likely to earn well in excess of £40,000 a year to look after the 17th century palace at the foot of the Royal Mile.

But those who suffer from claustrophobia or vertigo need not apply as the position requires one to work in “unusual environments” such as heights and confined spaces.

The permanent job is full time, with four days on and four days off comprising of two 12 hour day shifts and two 12 hour night shifts.

The advert which has been placed online
The advert which has been placed online

The advert states that the successful candidate will be “protecting a unique institution…delivering extraordinary service in incredible surroundings”.

It reads: “As part of a small team of dedicated security officers, you will be responsible for security, fire surveillance and all aspects of safety, as well as access control at The Palace of Holyroodhouse.

“From regular patrols and fire safety inspections, to responding effectively to a variety of incidents, you will maintain safety and security throughout the Palace.

“You will operate the control room, liaise with external bodies and undertake access control duties. You and your team will also be the welcoming face of the Palace to contractors, staff, guests and the public.

“Vigilance is key, and the upkeep of daily security and fire safety records will be a vital part of your role. In all that you do, you will aim to deliver the very best, ensuring a secure Palace for all.

The Queen stays at the Palace of Holyroodhouse when she is in Edinburgh
The Queen stays at the Palace of Holyroodhouse when she is in Edinburgh

“The role includes working outside during routine patrols of the estate, and in unusual environments such as heights or confined spaces.”

The listing also goes on to describe the type of person suitable for the job.

It states that the monarchy is looking for someone with previous experience, “enabling you to remain calm but decisive in the event of an incident”.

The person will “ideally have experience of of computerised fire and/or security monitoring and access control systems”.

Most importantly, they will have “initiative and a responsive attitude – essential qualities that enable you to deliver to the highest standard every day”.

The Queen currently employs around 400 people and spends an estimated £19m a year on remuneration, giving the average staff member a salary of around £44,000.

But while those at the top of the chain, among them the Lord Chamberlain, the Lord Steward and the Master of the Horse, are paid handsomely, those on the lower rungs are not so lucky.

A recent advertisement for a trainee butler at Buckingham Palace offered just £15,781 a year.

And in 2013, a job listing for a dishwasher to travel around Her Majesty’s palaces stated that the salary was £14,200 per annum.

Nevertheless, those who do serve the Queen can expect to go onto lucrative careers: former royal butlers are in high demand and command salaries of up to £100,000 a year in the private sector.