Daredevil quadbiker drives through seafoam


A DAREDEVIL quadbiker disappears in a 5ft-deep mass of sea foam in a video posted on Youtube.

Usan Beach near Montrose, Angus, was carpeted with thick foam after the North Sea was whipped for hours by strong winds.

The biker can be seen starting in the midst of the field of foam – which stretches as far as the eye can see.

In the background the stormy North Sea can be seen breaking on the rocks of the beach – creating yet more foam.

But then the biker starts his engine – and he disappears completely from view as he is enveloped by the froth.

For a moment he cannot be seen at all as he makes his way up the beach – then, as he picks up speed he can be seen blasting a path through the foam.

Eventually he emerged from the cloud – apparently none the worse for wear, even though he has completely soaked him from head to toe.

The video was taken by Adam McGuire – and was uploaded to Youtube on Wednesday.

Sea foam – also called “spume” – is usually created on beaches in rough seas.

It is formed when organic matter in water – produced by algae – is agitated by waves breaking on the beach.

As the waves break the water bubbles created become trapped in the organic matter – forming bubbles.

Sea foam can sometimes contain viruses and other contaminants – and in some cases it can cause skin irritations or breathing problems.