Scots butcher’s haggis hunting video goes viral


A HILARIOUS video showing a Scots butcher hamming it up on a haggis hunt has gone viral.

Jock Gibson decided to make the spoof documentary in the run-up to Burns Night.

In the two-minute clip, Jock sets a whisky “trap” for the elusive Haggis and is then seen wrestling with the furry creature.

The video was uploaded four days ago, but has already been viewed over 90,000 times by people across the world.

The video begins with Jock, from Forres, Moray, leaving his house armed with a shovel, net, shotgun and trusty labrador Shinty.

After a brief walk in the countryside, he digs a hole and places a dram of whisky into a bucket.

On the hunt
On the hunt

He then sits back and waits, and before long a “wild haggis” appears and drops into the trap.

Jock, 36, swiftly places his net over the bucket and begins wrestling and grappling with the animal, which is intent on escape.

He manages to keep a hold of the creature, while his pet pooch goes ballistic next to him.

The video ends with him looking into the distance and “shooting” another wild haggis, before declaring “Got it…I think.”

The video has attracted comments from fans thousands of miles away.

Bill Brynst, from Memphis, Tennessee, said: “Bet it would go good with Limburger cheese.”

And Jemima Monro, from Shawnigan Lake, British Colombia, added: “That was hilarious. Bravo.”

Eric Mapp said: “The Attenborough’s have some serious competition here.” And Robert Miller wrote: “Haggis hunting season – after New Year it’s the best time of year.”

The trapped haggis
The trapped haggis

Speaking of the tens of thousands of views the video has attracted, Jock said: “I can’t believe that we have had such a great response to our film.

“People are very excited about it and we have been getting lots of probing questions about the critters, such as whether they are aggressive and how much whisky do they drink. It’s really grabbed people’s attention.”

He joked: “I simply never stop at this time of year and I thought it was important to show the dedication, care and also sheer strength that can go into catching the haggis. It takes time and patience.

“It’s been a mild winter which is a mixed blessing as we have been able to lay more traps, but the haggae are more agile when it’s warmer, and that makes them harder to catch.”
Kevin Cargill, head supervisor at Macbeth’s, said: “We did the video to coincide with Burns’ night, and since putting it up our sales have actually increased.

“We get so many orders a day it’s hard to keep count. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be doing some more of these kinds of videos in the future.”