Tuesday, August 9, 2022
EntertainmentCook finds four-inch rubber chunk in Sainsbury's tomatoes

Cook finds four-inch rubber chunk in Sainsbury’s tomatoes

A HOME cook poured a packet of chopped tomatoes into his spaghetti bolognese and found a huge chunk of rubber.

Liam Fogerty bought the tomatoes from Sainsbury’s and shortly afterwards tweeted a picture of the 4 inch object at the firm.

He wrote: “Just found a big chunk of rubber in my chopped tomatoes. How is that even possible?”

The huge chunk of rubber was found inside the carton of chopped tomatoes.


Sainsbury’s wrote back: “Hi Liam, I’m very sorry about this. Which store was this bought in and can you send a pic of the barcode? Ryan.”

Liam, 26, from Edinburgh, bought the packet at the chain’s Cameron Toll branch.

He said: “I was making bolognese on Tuesday and I chucked the tomatoes in.

“Then I saw this big lump and I realised it was quite a sizeable lump of rubber.

“It was that sturdy it looked like it had fallen off a machine or something. It looked quite industrial.”

He added: “I was making the dinner for my father. I scrapped it and just went out and bought the same ingredients, but from Morrisons.”

“I was shocked, rather surprised. I’ve never really found anything in food so I was quite disappointed. It could have been something else.”

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury’s said: ““We are sorry our customer had this experience. We have spoken to the customer and we are investigating the matter further with our suppliers.”

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