Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Sir Chris Hoy: “Officially old”

SIR Chris Hoy has publicly declared he is “officially old”.
                        Sir Chris Hoy – “old”.
The 39-year-old Olympic gold medallist took to Twitter to despair that he may be past his prime after a conversation with a shop assistant.
The athlete expressed his dismay by writing: “A shop assistant who’s younger than me just called me ‘love’. A sure sign that I’m officially old now.”
But his legions of fans were quick to try and cheer him up.
Keith Steele wrote: “In Sheffield I found this to be a universal greeting.”
Another follower said: “I call everyone love regardless of age.”
Kerry Leach warned: “Wait until they start calling you dear.”
However, others enjoyed teasing the renowned cyclist.
Thomas Connelly uploaded a picture of a pensioner with a walking stick, with the caption: “Have a nice day old man.”
Another fan advised: “You should have said ‘It’s sir, actually’.”
The six-time Olympic champion became a father in 2014 when his wife, Sarra, gave birth to their son Callum.
The stress of looking after a baby, combined with trying to keep on top of his fitness, may have given the Scots athlete a few more grey hairs.
However, recent photographs show that Sir Chris has managed to keep himself in excellent shape – as he showcases a rippling six-pack and bulging arms.

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