Hilarious food fail exposed on Twitter


ANOTHER hungry Scot has taken to Twitter to expose the gulf between fast food advertising and the reality.

Martin Cutler’s Taste Inc southern fried chicken sandwich looked irresistible on the packaging when he picked the snack up in an Edinburgh store.

But, as his hilarious Twitter picture shows, the reality was a crushing disappointment – two pale, underweight chicken nuggets lost on a giant, apparently unbuttered roll.

Martin's sandwich picture, which was shared on Twitter
Martin’s sandwich picture, which was shared on Twitter

The sandwich, which he bought from a Morrisons in the city for £1, should have been packed with plump, juicy chicken, fresh, crunchy lettuce and the tang of chilli mayonnaise.

He wrote: “Perhaps I was expecting too much for a quid? #PicDoItJustice?”

Another Twitter user shared his outrage.

Darren McClaren said: “False advertising day and night. Bread and two tiny chicken nuggets, 25p maybe.”

Online, Taste Inc describe buying the sandwich as “the best thing you’ll have done in ages”, and label it a “feast”.

They add that the sandwich will “torpedo your hunger in no time”.

What the sandwich should have looked like
What the sandwich should have looked like

Earlier this week, the company urged shoppers to buy one of their sandwiches for Burns Night instead of a traditional haggis.

They accompanied their plea with the hashtag #QualityInnit.

The amusing Twitter exchange is just one of several that have played out over previous months.

Just last week, Sainsbury’s was at the receiving end of criticism when a famished Scot bought one of their sandwiches only to discover it had hardly any filling.

Sam Patey, from Edinburgh, bought the chicken and bacon salad sandwich from a store in the capital city.

She was looking forward to tucking into the Taste The Difference lunch, which retails for about £3 in the meal deal.

However, upon opening up the baguette she was shocked to discover that the filling consisted of a dollop of mayonnaise, three tiny pieces of bacon and a paltry smattering of lettuce.

Similarly last year, a traveller took to Twitter to shame Edinburgh airport over an egg and bacon roll.

The disgruntled visitor shared a hilarious picture of the £3.20 roll from Eat, which appeared to be un-buttered and came with a tiny egg and a thin rasher of bacon.