Nick Nairn reveals high blood pressure as he can’t follow his own healthy eating advice


TOP Scots chef and healthy eating campaigner Nick Nairn has revealed that he has failed to follow his own advice on healthy eating.

The Michelin star winning cook has been a part of a campaign to curb the notoriously fatty and sugary national diet of Scotland.

As a part of the drive he has even participated in a scheme calling on schools to prepare freshly-made meals in place of processed lunches.

But now the celebrity chef has revealed that his busy schedule of promoting healthy eating has left him dining at petrol stations and airport diners.

Nairn has revealed he has high blood pressure
Nairn has revealed he has high blood pressure

In an interview the chef explained: “I know I should have practised what I preached.

“Instead I threw myself into the launch of my new cook school in Aberdeen and a packed schedule of corporate and media work.

“My recipe was full of healthy ideas but my own diet started to suffer.

“I’d always eaten well, cooking from scratch using the best ingredients. But going back and forth to Aberdeen and up and down to London, it seemed more and more meals were taking place in petrol stations and airports rather than at the kitchen table.

“Now I’m paying the price. A recent trip to the GP revealed, for the first time in my life, I’m suffering from high blood pressure.

“At the age of 57 it was a sobering moment in my life.

“Somehow the youngest Scottish chef to win a Michelin star had ended up falling into the oldest Scottish trap of too much stress, work and alcohol and not enough healthy nourishment.

“The healthier Scotland message I have preached face-to-face to every first minister has come back to haunt me.”

Now the chef has pledged to change his lifestyle to bring his blood pressure down.

But he has also called on the government to do more – by introducing a sugar tax on the makers of fizzy drinks.