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Top StoriesIt's Frankie Boyle time! BBC subtitle slip cheers up political broadcast

It’s Frankie Boyle time! BBC subtitle slip cheers up political broadcast

BBC caption writers had a surreal moment today (Wed) when they subtitled an interview with a Bulgarian politician “Frankie Boyle time”.

It’s Frankie time. Or is it?

The words flashed up during a TV interview with Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Eva Paunova.

BBC Breakfast viewers were left baffled as the subtitles read: “Good Morning. Frankie Boyle Time. Give us your thoughts on…”

A BBC insider tonight revealed the words that should have been subtitled – and they look and sound nothing like “Frankie Boyle”.

According to the source, the presenter told the politician: “Very good morning to you Eva, thank you very much for your time today.”

A photo of the screen was shared on Twitter yesterday, to much hilarity from Boyle’s followers.



Twitter user Mariszka Lime wrote: “It’s 8.23 – it’s Frankie Boyle time.”

Boyle then retweeted it, although did not comment himself.

A follower called Bachatacat replied: “Is Frankie Boyle time some sort of national holiday in Bulgaria?”

Ian Stone chipped in: “Pre-watershed? Well done BBC.”

Mike Backhouse asked: “What the hell did she actually say?!”

Chronic Butterfly, clearly impressed wrote: “Every time is Frankie Boyle time” and added: “as long as it’s not frickin’ Chico Time I’m open to anything…”

“Chico time” was a catchphrase and later a pop single by singer Chico on TV show X-Factor in 2006.

A BBC Spokeswoman said: ‘Our live subtitling service produces accuracy levels in excess of 98% but, as with all broadcasters, there are occasions – particularly during live broadcasts – when mistakes happen.

Last month, the BBC was forced to apologise after a subtitle gaffe linked 91-year old former Aston Villa chairman Doug Ellis with Islamic militants Hezbollah.

Commentator Steve Wilson had said: “Great to see Doug Ellis here in his Villa scarf.”

But the subtitles instead read: “Great to see Doug Ellis here with Hezbollah.”

And in June 2014, a BBC weather broadcast for Glastonbury festival told viewers: “Prepare for rape” instead of “Prepare for rain.”

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