No takers for £4,000 haggis


THE world’s most expensive haggis is sitting in a freezer after it failed to find a Burn’s Night buyer.

Macsween of Edinburgh proudly unveiled the £4,000 haggis – complete with 24 carat gold – ahead of this year’s celebration of the Scottish Bard.

But the firm has now admitted that it received no orders for the 4kg creation and that the “demonstration” model has been deep frozen.

The unsold haggis now sits in the freezer
The unsold haggis now sits in the freezer

The haggis contains Highland Wagyu beef, white summer truffle from France, black Tellicherry pepper from India and is finished off with sprinkles of 24 carat edible gold.

Macsween launched the haggis, to a blaze of publicity on January 21, saying: “The luxury haggis is available by commission only.”

But yesterday (Wed) an employee confirmed: “We have not received any orders yet.”

Another worker, asked if the original “show” haggis was in the freezer, replied “Yes.”

According to the World Record Academy, Macsween’s broke the Guinness World Record for the most expensive haggis in the world.

The pricey dish is still available and, should anyone stump up, comes in a handmade wooden cask.