The £17 a night “film star” caravan 15ft up a tree


SCOTLAND’S best-value caravan is up for rent at just £17 a night – if you don’t mind holidaying 15ft up a tree.

The caravan featured in a low-budget, award-winning arthouse movie starring Scots actor Jake Williams.

Making the 2012 film, which won a prize at the Venice Film Festival, involved hoisting the caravan into a tree in rural Aberdeenshire.

One of the pictures featured on the Airbnb site
One of the pictures featured on the Airbnb site

Now Jake Williams is renting out the unique holiday home in the village of Rhynie to anyone with a head for heights.

The Bogancloch Treehouse, as the airborne caravan is known, is being advertised on the Airbnb website, which admits that the “shabby” accommodation lacks mains electricity and internet.

Holidaymakers will have to climb a 15ft ladder to get in, must bring their own sleeping bags, but will enjoy amenities such as paraffin lamps and head torches.

Visitors are warned: “It’s 15 miles to the hospital…. we don’t pay any public liability insurance, so if you’re a sleepwalker or a big drinker, please be careful.”

The ladder leading up to the front door
The ladder leading up to the front door

There is also an original gas cooker, with hotplates and a grill for those wanting to whip up a traditional camping breakfast.

Unfortunately there is no shower or bath, but Jake encourages visitors to have an “all over wash” with facecloths and water from the kettle.

Alternatively, he suggests that you can “use the showers at the swimming pool in Huntly”.

The caravan's kitchen area
The caravan’s kitchen area

There is a handy “dry composting toilet” on the ground beneath the caravan, and a fireplace around which you can sing songs.

Jake and his caravan starred in the black and white “fictional documentary” Two Years At Sea, directed by Ben Rivers, which follows a man who realizes his dream of living in a forest after many years at sea.

Jake, who owns the caravan
Jake, who owns the caravan

The tale is narrated entirely from the main character’s point of view, and portrays him as a person who enjoys living a secluded life.

Scenes from the film show the caravan on the ground before it suddenly appears in the tree – where it still remains today.

The Airbnb listing states that the caravan accommodates two people, but tall holidaymakers may “have to sleep with their knees bent” as the beds are only 6ft long.

The caravan as it appears in the black and white film
The caravan as it appears in the black and white film

The treehouse itself is situated behind Jake’s own home – a cottage in the middle of the 30,000 acre Clashindarroch Forest.

He urges visitors to memorise a photograph he has uploaded to show the precise moment you need to turn off a forestry road to find the caravan.

There are apparently “no street lights within 5 miles” but the advantage is that you can “see the stars (and occasionally the Northern Lights) if the sky is clear”.