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Hogwarts Express “inspired by Flying Scotsman”

THE Flying Scotsman inspired Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express,  a new book claims.

The flying Scotsman. Pic credit: Barry Lewis/wikicommons

Andrew McLean, author of “The Flying Scotsman: Speed, style and service”, has said the similarities were “too much of a coincidence.”

Mr McLean wrote the book to mark the end of the 150-year old Flying Scotsman’s £4.2m restoration.

He is head curator at the National Railway Museum in York.

Both JK Rowling’s fictional express train and the world famous steam locomotive are known for leaving from Kings Cross Station in London at a set hour and platform every time.

The Flying Scotsman departed platform 10 at 10am, whilst JK Rowling’s fictional train left at 11am from platform 9 ¾ .

Mr McLean also revealed a witch in the first Harry Potter book has the same name as a 1930s writer.

Doris Crockford, a witch who shakes Harry’s hand repeatedly, shares her name with the author of a children’s book on the Flying Scotsman.

Mr Mclean wrote: “It is interesting to note that Doris Crockford is also the name of a character in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books, which are themselves noted for a named express train that departs Kings Cross from a set platform at a set time.”

He added the parallels were: “too much of a coincidence.”


Rowling’s parents met on a train between Kings Cross and Scotland. She has spoke of it’s special meaning to her in the past.

A spokeswoman for JK Rowling said: “We don’t as a rule comment on the inspirations JK Rowling may have had for the Harry Potter books.”

Mr Mclean’s book is to be published in April.

The 96-ton Flying Scotsman, the first train to officially reach 100mph, took to the west coast mainline rails in Cumbria on Saturday for a test run following a 10-year restoration effort.

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